The Phat Fat Cat

Posted on January 2, 2011


Visited my hometown, as usual, for New Years. Had a refreshing time seeing fam and friends, but was pleasantly surprised to discover a loungie spot in the West Village called Fat Cat.

Let me be honest: I hadn’t discovered Fat Cat on my own. One member of our little crew had heard of it only recently, and she’d encouraged us to check out the spot that evening after some eats at New York’s absolute best pizzeria.

Not knowing what to expect but trusting our friend’s taste, we (and our brick-oven pizza-filled tummies) headed a few blocks over. And what a place it was! After producing identification, paying the lowly three dollar cover, and walking through a slight maze, you see a comfortable, casual, popular hangout decked out with pool tables, ping pong areas, foosball, and other fun games. You see a bar that serves everything from cappuccino to cherry wine. When you scan Fat Cat’s wide, underground space further, you see plenty of chairs, couches, and folks literally lounging. And in the midst of all that, you hear talented live musicianship blaring from the front. Last Tuesday night, we had the sonic pleasure of Latin Jazz, and the visual enjoyment of spontaneous patrons dancing to its glorious sounds.

Had I not been asleep the day God handed out rhythm, I would have been out there with them.

Needless to say, Fat Cat will see my face again.

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