A Visual: Parenting the Next Hip Hop Generation

Posted on January 3, 2011


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of encountering one of the most meaningful music videos I’d ever seen. It’s a piece from Lamp Mode recording artist Json, and the actual song, “Parent Me,” can be found on his most recent project, “City Lights.”

The vid is solid. It’s optically appealing with a high-quality lens, the three storylines are relatively easy to follow, and the camera’s back-and-forth between Json (and featured artist J.R.) & the narration is appropriate. The music is a sonic pleasure: Its instrumentalism is both talented and distinct, J.R.’s vocals are magnificent, as usual, and Json’s passionate rhyme style is pertinent to the motif.

The most important element, though, is the subject-matter. The content of this music video is the reason I refer to it and its song as one of the most important I’ve ever encountered. The fact is this: responsible, loving, exemplary parenthood is instrumental to the quality of the next generation of adults, future families, the stability of communities, and the success of nations. By contrast, non- or ineffective parenting leads to countless problems that affect individuals, families, and eventually, entire people-groups. There are many parents in modern society who are passionate about their calling and produce well-rounded offspring prepared for the adventures of life. I count my own parents among them. Yet there are others who, deliberately or otherwise, treat children as an inconvenience. The music video for “Parent Me” addresses the latter group in iconographic fashion. Check it out.

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