Baxter’s Fashion Sense

Posted on January 3, 2011


You may already be asking: “Who on Earth is Baxter?”

My reply: “He’s a bear. And a very cute one at that. But there’s one thing that makes him unique from other two-dimensional depictions.”

“And that is …?”

“He can’t seem to stay away from fruit.”

Take a look:

You may not know this, but modern-day spiritual folk have earned a checkered reputation when it comes to fashion. What kind of fashion? Well, we’re talking very simple garments such as hoodies and tee-shirts. Why? Because a high percentage of these vestments have had at least one of at least three mortifying problems: (1) the insistence upon imitating the popular commercial slogans of the day and imposing spiritual themes into those slogans, (2) the use of cultural-feigning-biblical jargon incomprehensible to 85% of those who will glance at it, assume insanity of the wearer, and hence not even inquire as to its meaning, and (3) an utter absence of artistry in either the garment itself or the embellishment silk screened to said garment.

Enter the Autumn fashion season of 2010. It was during this interval that many were introduced to a long-planned but relatively new contribution to the style scene. It’s an enterprise called Bear Fruit. A-hem … I mean “B3AR FRUIT.” The majority of the attire in the B3AR FRUIT line, thus far, is graced with one item: the B3AR FRUIT logo that you see above. But this isn’t just any logo. It’s a clever work of art that delivers a friendly reminder to all people of faith (and others) in our world that we’re to actually live out the true belief-plus-deeds meaning of “faith.” We’re to “bear fruit” that actually shows that we’re believers; not merely say we are, living in an unworthy manner, and attracting the title “hypocrite.” In so communicating this in artistic fashion, Baxter represents one part of the “bear” double entendre, while the grapes dangling from his mouth represent the “fruit.”

And that’s all that is needed. The majority of the garments in the line thus far are simple shirts punctuated by the B3AR FRUIT graphic. They’re cute, they’re conversation-starters, and they’re an aesthetic plus. (They would be much more of an “aesthetic plus” if the cut of the clothing would accommodate the fairer sex, but I’ve already expressed that to the B3AR FRUIT guru).  My purchase? The Black Baxter Pullover Hoodie and the currently out-of-stock CHRISTmas Tee. My analysis? Worthy apparel!

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