Image: Tell Me It’s Just Human Nature

Posted on August 18, 2011


What exactly is it that causes some of us, even in adulthood, to follow trends rather than create our own? In childhood and teenagehood we were still developing our identities, so when we saw someone rocking gazelles, doorknocker earrings, or the Haile Berry cut we followed suit with no questions asked. But we’re grown now! Still, when images like that of the wife in the music video below peek to the fore from time to time, our hearts are reminded that we have the freedom to embrace our own genuine style … in spite of the monolithic image society chooses to promote.

But why oh why does it take a video like this to prick our hearts? Why is an image of a “non-traditional” beauty like this short-haired, dark-skinned, naturally radiant woman needed to nudge our conscious into blasting the images and expectations we’ve trapped ourselves in … and recreate ourselves by way of a natural style that is literally all our own?

Perhaps it’s just human nature. Maybe human beings need images to emulate, otherwise there is no context for personal style. Could it be that we all have a tabula rasa for swag that only forms creases and texture with each new image provided it?

Maybe taking note of images like the one above is exactly how we become … who we truly are.

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