The Gorgeous Sounds of “Bear With You”

Posted on September 30, 2011


Of all forms of aesthetic, music is often the most gratifying.

Many of us have at least one song that we can shamelessly listen to all the day through. There’s just something about the way sound taps into the brain’s pleasure sensors and creates the kind of felicity that brightens the day and increases a thirst for uninterrupted entree.

The last couple of weeks found me digging into my repertoire, rediscovering a musical project released just last year, and giving it another listen. And I keep coming back to one song: “Bear With You.”

I haven’t been able to stop auditing this track. The song’s emcee, Trip Lee (above); its featured artist, Tedashii; the hook’s vocalist, Chris Lee; and producer G Styles blend their unmistakably rich talent to fashion this astonishing work of art in hip hop form.

“Bear With You” opens with a typical contemporary southern rap sound that may have you wondering why I’m so enamored with its tenor. But if you stick around just a bit and listen further, you’ll be drawn in as well and also notice the wonderful acoustic collage that is “Bear With You.” The first worthy observation is Trip’s vocal subtleties: somehow he’s learned how to switch his flow without immediate notice, emanate a minor rasp combined with passionate pitch, and cause his voice’s emotion to match the matter about which he rhymes. Another observation is the strong but soothing hook: it deftly expresses surreal, deep longing with a rich complimentary tone that can be listened to for long periods of time without becoming mundane. Chris Lee is genius in this song with his ability to couple Trip’s singing with his own tone which carries the chorus to a high-quality sonic level. Soulful strings appear intermittently and a timely kazoo accent comes in periodically, all nicely contributing to this work of art. Its three-part arrangement makes this song full and enjoyable. While many rap tunes obey the stale bars-hook-bars-hook composition, “Bear With You” develops a nice refrain (“we-we-we gotta bear”) to the middle and end of the song, and also lends some space for Tedashii’s vivacious verse.

As is usually the case with Trip Lee & artists with whom he associates, the sublime music in this song cradles a message that couldn’t be more arduous to the human heart. The content-matter found in this track is among the deepest you’ll ever hear, yet it matches the harmony and provides a wonderful, thorough experience.

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