Musical “Grandeur” Threatened by Textual Asininity

June 13, 2012


  I refuse to assess Jay-Z and Kanye West’s project “Watch the Throne” on a site about aesthetics. Some may argue in favor of the sonic beauty in the album’s production or even the lyrical refinement found in its rhyme patterns … but nothing can make up for the many content-related violations in its songs. […]

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The Gorgeous Sounds of “Bear With You”

September 30, 2011


Of all forms of aesthetic, music is often the most gratifying. Many of us have at least one song that we can shamelessly listen to all the day through. There’s just something about the way sound taps into the brain’s pleasure sensors and creates the kind of felicity that brightens the day and increases a […]

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Image: Tell Me It’s Just Human Nature

August 18, 2011


What exactly is it that causes some of us, even in adulthood, to follow trends rather than create our own? In childhood and teenagehood we were still developing our identities, so when we saw someone rocking gazelles, doorknocker earrings, or the Haile Berry cut we followed suit with no questions asked. But we’re grown now! […]

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“I See You”

April 26, 2011


The visuals are striking. The sun peeks through, accentuating melanin-laced derma of various hues. Colorful tones of jewelry and clothing add mesmerizing flavor to the aesthetic. In woman after woman, the strength, grace, and beauty of beings who embrace their natural winsomeness shines through as they enjoy the delights of life. And then you catch […]

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Lorraine Would Be Pleased

March 2, 2011


Believe it or not, every once in a while I find myself experiencing a bit of culture … outside the city. At the invitation of one of our Gen Y friends, a group of us attended “A Raisin In The Sun” last weekend, delivered by her community college’s theater company. To my delight, nearly everything […]

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Maybe, Just Maybe … Jazz Won’t Die

January 31, 2011


In celebration of a friend’s birthday, a crew of us located a couple of spots in the greater Georgetown region for food, fellowship, and tunes. We’d had a great time enjoying the cuisine and ambiance at a superb restaurant on the Waterfront called Farmers and Fishers so we piled into the car for the quarter […]

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The Black White House

January 25, 2011


The Langston Room in what is becoming one of my favorite DC hangouts – Busboys & Poets – was filled to the brim last night with folks anxious to hear the remarks of scholar and author Clarence Lusane. His recently-released book, The Black History of the White House, was the subject of the talk and […]


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